Meet Transistor

Hello science lovers and people who dig a good story:

Transistor is a new weekly podcast of scientific questions and curiosities, with many episodes hosted by key scientists at the forefront of discovery.

Head here for more details, but we know you just want to dig right in and start listening. Our first four episodes are:

  • We Are Stardust: Astrophysicist Michelle Thaller visits the NASA lab that discovered that meteorites contain some of the very same chemical elements that we contain. She also talks to a Vatican planetary scientist about how science and religion can meet on the topic of life beyond Earth.

  • Food, Meet Fungus: The microbiome — the trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in and on our body — is hot right now. Biologist Christina Agapakis explores what we do know in the face of so much hope and hype, starting with food.
  • Totally Cerebral: Untangling the Mystery of Memory: Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki introduces us to scientists who have uncovered some of the deepest secrets about our brains. She begins by talking with experimental psychologist Brenda Milner, who in the 1950s, completely changed our understanding of the parts of the brain important for forming new long-term memories.
  • Totally Cerebral: The Man Without a Memory: Imagine never being able to form a new long term memory after the age of 27. Welcome to the life of the famous amnesic patient “HM”. Wendy Suzuki talks with neuroscientist Suzanne Corkin, who studied HM for almost half a century and gives us a glimpse of what daily life was like for him, and his tremendous contribution to our understanding of how our memories work.

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