This is Crohn’s Disease

1204_crohns-disease (1)-2Producer/reporter Jack Rodolico and his wife, Christina.

Told by the couple who lived it, this is a story of how Crohn’s disease can change lives when you least expect it. And it’s a story of how science can present multiple paths to — hopefully — relief or recovery.

What’s it like making a very personal radio piece about your spouse? Jack Rodolico shares it all in this special follow-up article.

For more on treatments for illnesses like Crohn’s and C. diff, listen to The Straight Poop. Our microbiologist host visits a fecal transplant bank north of Boston and shares some of the questions surrounding this experimental treatment.

This is Crohn’s Disease was reported and produced by Jack Rodolico in 2014 for PRX’S STEM Story Project. It was hosted for this episode of Transistor by Genevieve Sponsler and mixed for Transistor by Erika Lantz.

Photo of Christina and Jack by Shelley Fajans.

2 thoughts on “This is Crohn’s Disease”

  1. This was interesting and important because it brings to light the issue of chronic pain and the ethical decisions involved in treatment options. The husband as narrator made it even more touching.

  2. Very interesting story about a subject hardly talked about, although I knew what the narrator meant at the end of the podcast it seemed strange saying they stopped looking to science for hope long ago when it’s the very thing that restored your wife back to reasonable living standards.

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