Trace Elements: Fooled Ya

Cristina & Marco hanging out with EDI

Episode two of our special five-part series called Trace Elements — with hosts Cristina Quinn and Alison Bruzek — is here. This time: the how and why of illusion. Maybe you’ll get some April Fools ideas.

Marco Tempest is not your average magician. He uses robots to do magic tricks on stage — but the real trick is in how easily he can get an audience to believe that robot has personality and is almost human.

Guests: Marco Tempest, cyberillusionist
Matt Berlin, co-founder IFRobotics, LLC
Kate Darling, researcher, MIT Media Lab

Engineer: Andrew Kramer
Theme Song: Rory Jackson
Additional Music: Lullatone, Keen Collective, and Golden Gram
Special Thanks: The Great Shiftini, aka Craig LeMoult

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